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Digital Film Restoration and Video Enhancement



Do you have a video that needs to be restored ?




The AI & Advanced Motion Estimation Technology enables picture improvements that you just have to see to believe






The technology was used to restore the hundreds of the world cinema masterpieces.



  • What software is used by the service?

    The service is built upon VIVA Algosoft software, recognized as the leading automatic technology for restoring old films.

    VIVA comprises a collection of AI algorithms designed to address intricate issues related to digital film restoration and challenges in motion imaging quality with the utmost mathematical precision.

    VIVA is actively employed at prestigious institutions such as the Library of Congress and Hollywood studios, as well as numerous locations across Europe and Asia.

  • Which videos are most suitable for the DigiFilm Restore service?

    The service works best with digital scans from celluloid film to remove
    dirt and abrasion from images, as well as addressing many other issues endemic to scans of older film.

    The service is most effective when used with digital scans from celluloid film, as it excels in eliminating dirt and scratches from the images and also corrects various other problems commonly found on old film scans.

  • What kind of processing is applied?

    If the “Film” preset is selected, the processing  includes de-flicker, dust /noise removal, de-interlace (if needed), and stabilization.  In addition, long vertical scratch removal algorithm is applied, if the preset Film + Dark / Light Scratches has been selected. The grain of the film is preserved!

    If the “Video” preset is selected, the processing includes de-interlace (if needed), noise removal, and compression artifacts.

  • What will happen to the film grain?

    The grain of the film is preserved!

  • Will the audio track be restored?

    No, we do not restore and are not responsible for the audio track.
    We try to copy it “as is” into the restored video file. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. In this case, manual work is required on the customer’s side.

  • Is the processing of a free sample different from a regular paid order?

    They are the same for the same presets.
    However, for free samples, we provide results in a side-by-side (before and after) form.

  • What is the maximum video limit?

    The file size limit is 200 MB for a free sample and 1 GB for a regular order.
    For larger files please contact us.

  • How many of my orders can be placed?

    Only 3 free and unlimited regular orders.